Scientific publications

You will find below the summary of the scientific publications to which employees of the famhp contributed.



Publication date Article/advice Journal/public institution Authors
10.2016 Cell-based therapies for cardiac repair: a meeting report on scientific observations and European regulatory viewpoints. Eur J Heart Fail. 2016 Feb;18(2):133-41. doi: 10.1002/ejhf.422. Epub 2015 Oct 16. Schüssler-Lenz M, Beuneu C, Menezes-Ferreira M, Jekerle V, Bartunek J, Chamuleau S, Celis P, Doevendans P, O'Donovan M, Hill J, Hystad M, Jovinge S, Kyselovič J, Lipnik-Stangelj M, Maciulaitis R, Prasad K, Samuel A, Tenhunen O, Tonn T, Rosano G, Zeiher A, Salmikangas P.
10.2016 Residues in Beeswax: A Health Risk for the Consumer of Honey and Beeswax? Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry website Co-auteur: Bruno Urbain


Clarification on the naming of a VMP and the use of standard terms

Regulatory Rapporteur

Valérie Van Merris, Hedi Hellenurm-Sepp


Marketing authorisation transfer to a mutual recognition procedure for a veterinary product

Regulatory Rapporteur

Valérie Van Merris, Johan Vanlerberghe,

02.2016 Waiving in vivo studies for monoclonal antibody biosimilar development: National and global challenges mAbs Journal, 8(3), 427-45. De Smet K. and Van Aerts A., Non-clinical studies for biosimilars (2017) Eds Endrenyi, Declerck and Chow,Taylor and Francis. Chapman K., Adjei A., Baldrick P., da Silva A., De Smet K., DiCicco R., Hong S.S., Jones D., Leach M., McBlane J., Ragan I., Reddy P., Stewart D., Suitters A. and Sims J.


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