Scientific Publications

Scientific publications

You will find below the summary of the scientific publications to which employees of the FAMHP contributed.

Publication date Article/advice Journal/public institution Authors


Evaluation of the effectiveness of direct healthcare professional communication regarding new dosage of paracetamol paediatric syrup

Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety

Françoise Wuillaume, Martine Sabbe, Javier Sawchik, Jamila Hamdani


Survey on prescription stimulant use among university students in Wallonia and Brussels:
prevalence, motives and perceived effects
Survey performed in October 2018

Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products

Javier Sawchik, Martine Sabbe, Mégane Gräfe
Françoise Wuillaume, Jamila Hamdani, Hugues Malonne




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