You will find below the summary of the scientific publications to which employees of the famhp contributed.


Publication dateArticle/adviceJournal/public institutionAuthors
2002Swelling Pressure Observations on Degrading dex-HEMA HydrogelsMacromolecules 2002,  35, 2501-2505B. G. Stubbe, K. Braeckmans, F. Horkay, W.E. Hennink, S.C. De Smedt*,  J. Demeester
2002A comparison between the use of dynamic mechanical analysis and oscillatory shear rheometry for the characterisation of hydrogelsInternational Journal of Pharmaceutics 2002, 244, 163-168 T.K.L. Meyvis, B.G. Stubbe, J. Van Steenbergen, W.E. Hennink, S.C. De Smedt , J.Demeester 
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