Three important European directives govern the various types of medical devices. These directives were converted to Belgian law.



Other legislation also apply to activities in association with medical devices.



Authority of the FAMHP

Each member state designates the competent authorities for each directive concerning the various types of medical devices. The Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products is the competent authority in Belgium for the three aforementioned directives.

The Federal Agency for Nuclear Control is the competent authority for ionizing sources of medical devices.


Role of the competent authority

The primary tasks of the competent authority are the market oversight and the instruction, monitoring and re-evaluation of registered institutions (notified bodies) in Belgium.

Oversight by this authority includes:


  • notification of bringing medical devices to market;
  • notification of distributors and exporters;
  • notification of clinical studies with medical devices performed on Belgian territory and of efficacy studies with medical devices for in-vitro diagnostics;
  • the reporting incidents with medical devices occurring on Belgian territory and the corrective actions taken according to the safety regulations for the Belgian market;
  • the notification of the oversight of notified bodies in Belgium;
  • the enforcement of the legal regulations by all parties involved;
  • implementation of inspections.

The experts of the FAMHP also take part in mutual evaluations of notified bodies (joint assessments) organized by the European Commission.

Last updated on 27/05/2021