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Databank of authorized medicines

FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products) makes available the database of medicines authorised in Belgium (at the national level and by the European Commission). Update: 04/01/2016.
The database can be downloaded for examining.

The following documents give information about the contents of the database, how to download the data and how to make a search:  « About the database », « FAQ » + appendix, « Glossary » and « Warning »

Notified homeopathic medicines (Royal Decree dated 23/06/1999 (French version) ) available on the Belgian market should be registered or authorised in accordance with one of the procedures in articles 38 and 41 in the Royal Decree dated 14/12/2006 (French version) (part 1 - part 2), in line with a program drawn up by the ministry responsible for public health.

These notified medicines can be identified by means of a notification number that must be shown on the pack, as explained in circular 442.

The list of notified homeopathic medicines that can stay on the Belgian market and the list of relevant companies will be available shortly.

Medicines and the Internet : beware of the dangers !

FAMHP draws attention to the potential danger of buying medicines on the illegal channels of the internet: numerous counterfeit products, dubious quality and storage conditions, efficacy and safety not with guaranteed, the risk of incorrect use of medicines obtained without medical control and without the pharmacist’s advice particularly about precautions that need to be taken and interaction with other products. In addition to all these health risks, buying medicines that are false, imitation or not conforming to current Belgian law can make the buyer liable to legal penalties.

WHO (World Health Organisation) has published a guide together with the authorities responsible for medicine regulation, information experts, consumer defence organisations and with the pharmaceutical industry. The guide is called « Medical products and the Internet ».  The subjects covered are: « Internet, source of information about health », « Reliability of the information », « Warnings », « 10 reasons for being careful », « Consult your doctor or your pharmacist ».


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