Templates certificates

 CPP     Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product

+ General instructions in English , French and Spanish

Procedure (Dutch - French)

Export Declaration

Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product - ED

Certificat de Produit Pharmaceutique - ED

Certificado de Producto Farmaceutico - ED

Product registered  in Belgium and fully manufactured abroad

Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product - IS

Certificat de Produit Pharmaceutique - IS

Certificado de Producto Farmaceutico - IS

Product registered and partially or fully produced manufactured in Belgium

Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product - S

Certificat de Produit Pharmaceutique - S

Certificado de Producto Farmaceutico - S

  • CA      Certificate of Analysis

Product manufactured abroad: Certificate of Analysis - OUT

Product for human use manufactured in Belgium: Certificate of Analysis - HUM

Product for veterinary use manufactured in Belgium: Certificate of Analysis – VET

Last updated on 25/02/2021