Internet pharmacy

The basic rule is that pharmacists dispense medicines in their pharmacy. However, it is possible to sell medicines and medical devices online.

Buying and selling medicines online: only under strict conditions

Licensed and publicly accessible pharmacies in Belgium are allowed to sell medicines and certain medical devices online and deliver them via a courier service. Selling prescription medicines online is prohibited.

The Royal Decree dated January 21, 2009 regulates the online sale of medicines and medical devices.

  • Medicines and medical devices sold by pharmacists online must meet the same requirements as those they sell in their pharmacy.
  • Internet pharmacies must respect the privacy of their customers in the sale, ordering, packaging and dispensing of their products.
  • Pharmacists must deliver medicines and medical devices they sell online from their pharmacy according to the rules of good officinal practice. The pharmacist is responsible for this.

Are you a pharmacist wanting to sell medicines online? Then please read the specific instructions on the FAMHP website.

Are you a pharmacist and do you have a website where patients can only reserve medicines that they pick up in your pharmacy afterwards? Then your website is not an internet pharmacy and article 29 of the Royal Decree dated January 21, 2009 is not applicable to your website.

European logo for internet pharmacies: obligatory for internet pharmacies

Pharmacies who sell medicines online need to display the European logo for internet pharmacies on every page of their website.

A click on this logo will lead visitors to the list of internet pharmacies registered with the FAMHP.

Selling medicines online is not without risk

Selling medicines online on websites that are not licensed can be harmful to health. Only licensed pharmacies are allowed to sell medicines in Belgium.

Last updated on 16/12/2020