Information for a proper use

Databank of authorized medicines

The FAMHP medicinal product database gathers information about all medicinal products authorised in Belgium, as well as a link to relevant documents such as the patient information leaflet, the SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics), the RMA (Risk Minimisation Activities) and the DHPC (Dear Healthcare Professional Communication). 

This information is important for a safe and correct prescription, delivery and use of medicinal products.

Pharmacotherapeutic information

In order to encourage a rational use of medicines it is vital for healthcare professionals to be able to count on information that is objective, recent, easily accessible and respecting the principle of medicines based on proof.  In view of this FAMHP has formed a partnership with independent organisations that provide objective information about medicines. In this way the expectations of healthcare professionals in terms of quality and accessibility of information are taken into account.

-         Partnership with the Belgian Centre for Pharmacotherapeutic Information (BCPI) association (.  This association is approved by and subsidised by FAMHP. It publishes the Annotated Directory of Medicines, the Folia Pharmacotherapeutica, and also the transparency leaflets that are circulated free-of-charge to doctors, pharmacists and dentists.

In order to help professionals make the right choice, the medicines available in Belgium are shown in the Directory in 20 chapters according to their therapeutic and pharmacological properties. For each class a comment is given about the position of the different medicines. The price and the reimbursement conditions are also mentioned.

The List as well as the other CBIP publications can be seen on the website: . A “good to know” section provides a quick way to get a first opinion about subjects in the news in the field of medicines. It is also possible to register oneself to receive by e-mail the Folia Express which gives information about new publications on the website.

-         Partnership with the « Project Farmaka» association providing verbal information to General Practitioner from independent medical representatives .

Specific information for the correct use of certain medicines

FAMHP (AFMPS) also advises about campaigns by the general management « Organisation of health institutions » of the  Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, concerning benzodazepins and antibiotics.  Concerning the latter, BAPCOC ( Belgian Antibiotic Policy Coordination Committee) promotes the rational use of antibiotics in Belgium.

Medicines and the Internet : beware of the dangers !

FAMHP (AFMPS) draws attention to the potential danger of buying medicines on the illegal channels of the internet: numerous counterfeit products, dubious quality and storage conditions, efficacy and safety not with guaranteed, the risk of incorrect use of medicines obtained without medical control and without the pharmacist’s advice particularly about precautions that need to be taken and interaction with other products. In addition to all these health risks, buying medicines that are false, imitation or not conforming to current Belgian law can make the buyer liable to legal penalties.

WHO (World Health Organisation) has published a guide together with the authorities responsible for medicine regulation, information experts, consumer defence organisations and with the pharmaceutical industry. The guide is called « Medical products and the internet ». The subjects covered are: « Internet, source of information about health », « Reliability of the information », « Warnings », « 10 reasons for being careful », « Consult your doctor or your pharmacist ».


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