Narcotic drugs order forms

Attention. From 1 September 2023, the FAMHP's new online application,, becomes mandatory and replaces the paper narcotic order forms. The narcotic order forms will therefore no longer be used from 1 September and may be destroyed by you by tearing them up. More information.

This also means that monthly sales registers will no longer have to be provided to the FAMHP by e-mail.


Deliveries ordered before 1 September with a narcotic order form, but delivered after 1 September, must be registered in Narcoreg. However, the narcotic order form must still be archived.

A narcotic order form prepared in September may be cancelled and destroyed, unless it is an overdue correction of a delivery made before 1 September. Even in that case, the narcotic order form must be archived.

It is possible to still order paper narcotic order forms from the FAMHP's Narcotics Service for such overdue corrections.

In 2024, to order narcotic drugs order forms you must transfer the fee of 21,24€ for 100 order forms.

A payment slip is included with delivered order forms.

The account number of FAMHP (Avenue Galilée 5/03, 1210 Brussels) is

IBAN : BE32 6790 0220 2102
BIC/ Swift code: PCHQBEBB

Please indicate the registration number of the pharmacy or the number of the activity licence and the highest order form number that you currently have.

The delivery time for order forms is about 4 weeks.

Any change in the name of the title holder must be advised on the special form at AFMPS; the narcotic drugs order forms of the previous title holder must be used up first, replacing the old holders name with the new one.

Contact: +32 2 528 40 00 or 

Last updated on 14/02/2024