Circulaires publiées en 2010

15/02/2011:circular 577 + template
To the holders of MA or registration of medecines.
Legal obligations and practical measures as regards information on the marketing status of the authorized medecines.

22/12/2010: circular 575 + annexes
Application for clinical trials and submissions of substantial amendments.

28/10/2010: communication 572
To whom it may concern.
Transmission to the "Contact-point" at FAMHP of information regarding the application of the regulation relating to the struggle agaisnt excessive promotion of medicines and medical devices.

20/04/2010: circular 568
For marketing authorisation holders or registration holders.
Publication on the FAMPH website of the PIL and the SPC of the medicines approved and marketed in Belgium - Following the circular nr 561 of November 3rd 2009.



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