Within the FAMHP’s new structure, in addition to the effective performance of the basic tasks, special attention will also be focused on a number of “centres of excellence” or spearheads.

Spearheads are fields in which the FAMHP wishes to excel.

Four spearheads (two substantive and two process-based) were chosen:


Vaccines for  human use

Coordinator : Pieter Neels – e-mail : pieter.neels@fagg.be


Oncology  (with special attention for cancer pain and paediatric oncology)

Coordinator : Sonja Beken -  e-mail : sonja.beken@fagg.be


Early phase development

Coordinator : Walter Janssens – e-mail: walter.janssens@fagg.be


Proactive vigilance policy

Coordinator : Thierry Roisin – e-mail : thierry.roisin@fagg.be

Last updated on 16/12/2020