A website as an annual report: the FAMHP innovates by publishing its 2017 results in digital version

date: 13/08/2018

In 2017, the 460 employees of the FAMHP closed more than 8,000 applications for marketing authorisation for medicines, carried out no less than 2,200 inspections and investigations, analysed more than 10,000 reports of adverse effects, reactions and incidents, and answered more than 250 press questions.

The Chief Executive Officer of the FAMHP, Xavier De Cuyper, and his collaborators innovate and present their 2017 results in the form of a website.

To find out more, discover all the 2017 achievements of the FAMHP in its digital annual report.

The FAMHP also invites you to give your opinion on this annual report and its new support via the online survey.


Last updated on 13/08/2018