Antibiotic Awareness Week: working together to reduce anti-microbial resistance.

date: 16/11/2018

The battle against anti-microbial resistance (AMRI) is one of the greatest challenges for our society according to the World Health Organization. Diseases are transferred from humans to animals and vice versa, so actions must be taken for prevention and fighting AMR in both the human and veterinary sector, and even on the level of the environment. This is why the FAMHP, together with all of the authorities involved, are committed to an inter-sector strategy in the battle against AMR, according to the principle of “One World One Health”.

Antibiotic Awareness Week runs from the 12th to the 18th of November, with the finale on the 18th of November, with European Antibiotic Awareness Day.

In the European Union it is estimated AMR is responsible for 25,000 deaths per year, and even 700,000 deaths every year on a global level. Without efficient measures to battle this, this could increase to 10 million deaths by 2050. On June 29, 2017, the European Commission published a “One Health Action Plan Against AMR”, which focussed on the “One Health” principle, which states that human and animal health are connected.

In Belgium too, hard work is being done in the fight against AMR. Thus two of the three reduction goals for antibiotic use in animals were met this year. Since 2011, the use of antibacterial pre-mixes (feed mixed with antibiotics) feel by a total of 66.6% (goal:  - 50%) and 84% less critically significant antibiotics were used (goal: - 75 %).

Within this framework, the FAMHP is further building on the SANITEL-MED application, an online tool for electronic registration of the antibiotic procurement by veterinarians. Based on the registered data, in 2018, all livestock farms with meat calves, poultry and pigs will receive an analysis report. This report is meant to urge the company veterinarian and livestock farmer to question and analyse the use of antibiotics in the business so that they apply the “prudent use” principle. Thus the third and most important goal (- 50% antibiotic use) can be met.

Various authorities and organizations are fighting AMR. But you can help too. Become an antibiotic guardian and make a simple promise about how you can make better use of antibiotics and that you will help to keep these life-saving medicines for the future.

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Last updated on 16/11/2018