Coronavirus: good practices when changing consumables used with COVID-19 patient ventilators

date: 04/05/2020

In order to help healthcare professionals and support hospitals in their processes, the FAMHP is publishing guidelines on changing consumables (filters, etc.) used in the ventilation of COVID-19 patients.

Different practices are applied regarding the use of consumables related to ventilators in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. 

In order to best guarantee the safety of the patient and the nursing staff, the FAMHP has decided to publish national guidelines (available in Dutch or French) based on the recommendations published by experts from the French Intensive Care Society (Société de Réanimation de Langue Française or SRLF) on the subject. 

These guidelines suggest good practices for changing consumables when ventilating COVID-19 patients.

Last updated on 12/05/2020