Coronavirus: relaxation of paracetamol measures for pharmacists and patients

date: 11/05/2020

Sales of paracetamol remain stable, which is why the restriction of only one box per patient is being lifted. The quotas for pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers have already been abolished. Only the intravenous form remains subject to restriction.

In April 2020, the FAMHP indicated that sales of paracetamol in pharmacies had normalised and that some of the measures taken by the FAMHP in mid-March 2020 could be gradually eased. At that time, the quotas for pharmaceutical companies and wholesaler-distributors were abolished.

The FAMHP monitored the stock trends closely and decided that the measure requiring pharmacists to provide only one box of paracetamol per patient could now be lifted. However, the FAMHP points out that these medicines should be used properly. Use the lowest effective dose to reduce pain or fever for as short a time as possible. There is no need to stockpile these medicines.

Pharmacists are continuing to follow the usual legislative rules regarding quantities and to supervise pharmaceutical care when a drug is dispensed, such as limiting the quantities dispensed when excessive use of the drug is suspected.

For intravenous administration, the restrictive measures notified since mid-March 2020 still apply. This form of medication is important for the treatment of patients in hospitals.

Last updated on 02/06/2020