Identity theft: attempts to order medical equipment in the FAMHP’s name

date: 16/04/2020

The FAMHP has been contacted by several companies from which the FAMHP has supposedly ordered medical or laboratory equipment. This is a case of identity theft, whereby FAMHP information is being misappropriated to steal equipment.

Criminals are using the FAMHP’s name to place orders with companies in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Their hope is that, due to this busy period, orders will be delivered without ever having to pay for them. The FAMHP has filed a complaint with the police department and advises victims to do the same.

What should you watch out for?

The email addresses of FAMHP employees always end with;; or If you receive a call from an FAMHP landline number, the number always begins with 02 528 XX XX.

In principle, the FAMHP does not order medical or laboratory equipment in its own name.

Until now, criminals have used the English name "FAMHP", the pseudonym Dr Thomas Hugo and the email address. Emails are usually in English.

Last updated on 04/05/2020