Influenza vaccine: the FAMHP carries out a survey among all pharmacies

date: 21/10/2020

The FAMHP continues to closely monitor the distribution of influenza vaccines and is currently conducting a survey among all pharmacies to determine to what extent the planned supply will be enough.

The Influenza Vaccination Taskforce aims to check if the number of vaccine doses ordered will suffice. To this end, the Directorate General (DG) Inspection of the FAMHP asks all pharmacies - both public and hospital pharmacies - to take part in a survey. Its aim is to estimate the total number of vaccines which are still needed for the priority target groups identified by the Superior Health Council (categories A and B). In the light of this information, it will be decided whether or not to extend the sequential approach with priority for the at-risk groups and/or whether stocks should be reallocated. A report on the state of vaccine stocks will be established on a weekly basis.

The DG Inspection will also carry out spot checks to verify the correct application of the measures. These actions are necessary to pinpoint where exactly the distribution problem(s) is (are) located and to address it (them).

The FAMHP also gave instructions to equitably allocate the vaccines that have yet to be distributed between the various pharmacies, according to the quantity the latter still need for their at-risk groups (and therefore not only according to pre-orders).

Pharmacists who have not received the survey by e-mail can report it to

Last updated on 26/10/2020