Metal-on-metal hip prostheses - revision of recommendations

date: 31/01/2019

Based on the publication of a number of scientific articles on metal-on-metal hip prostheses and the revisions of the recommendations in the United Kingdom regarding these, the FAMHP is revising its recommendations on the follow-up of patients with this type of prostheses.

Some patients who received metal-on-metal hip prostheses may develop adverse effects by the release of metal abrasion particles, including into the periphery soft tissue (such as necrosis and metallosis). The FAMHP has updated its recommendations for the follow-up of patients with this type of prosthesis. The new recommendations are a summary of the risks and a revision of the guideline for decision-making. Using these, the health care practitioner must perform a personalised analysis of each individual problem. The results of this analysis may lead to the removal of the prosthesis.

Changes to the previous version (2015) are printed in bold in the document.

Every incident with a medical device must be immediately reported to the FAMHP (RD dated 18 March 1999 regarding the medical devices).

The reporting form for incidents with medical devices is available on the website of the FAMHP.

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Last updated on 08/03/2019