New database for clinical trials in Belgium

date: 07/05/2018

The AFMPS has created an online database to hold information on all the clinical trials that it approves in Belgium and that have not yet been concluded.  Healthcare professionals and patients will be able to use the database to query recruitment criteria of the clinical trials.

The clinical trials database created by the AFMPS enables healthcare professionals and patients to search for a clinical trial using five different criteria: a key word in the clinical trial title; the study disease; the type of participants sought (healthy volunteer or patient); the age of the participants and/or the European clinical trials database number (EudraCT, European Clinical Trials Database). 

Based on the information held in the clinical trials database, doctors, for example, will be able to steer their patients towards the most suitable clinical trial, if they wish to volunteer.

Visit for further information on clinical trials approved by AFMPS.

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Last updated on 07/05/2018