Veterinary antibiotics: vigilance!

Thoughtless use of antibiotics poses a risk to public health as it promotes the appearance of resistant strains of bacteria. Therefore they make infections harder to treat. Measures have been taken in human medicine in order to use antibiotics appropriately. In order to reduce the consumption of antibiotics for veterinary use and promote their proper use, BelVet-SAC (Belgian Veterinary Surveillance of Antibiotic Consumption) and the centre of expertise AMCRA asbl (AntiMicrobial Consumption & Resistance in Animals) follow closely the amount of antibiotics consumed, monitor the emergence of bacterial resistance to them and make professionals in the veterinary sector aware of this problem. The FAMHP actively works with these authorities. The BelVet-SAC 2010 report is now available.The rapport BelVet-SAC 2010 is now available.

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Last updated on 05/03/2012