Call Center “registration”: Expansion team in 2015

Due to an underemployment within the Call Center Registration in 2014, this resulted in a delay in the processing of the daily requests send to In the meantime the team has been expanded and a procedure has been worked out in order to absorb the delayed requests. As for the new requests, a workflow has been worked out in order to increase the efficiency.

New requests after January 1st 2015:

These requests will be assigned to our employees as soon as possible. The applicant will receive an acknowledgement of receipt coming from the registration mailbox and an answer will be given within the respected term of 10 working days. (cfr. Circular 474)

Requests before January 1st 2015

- Requests concerning variation dossiers of which a correction of MA, SKP or Leaflet is necessary:
The unit Call Center Registration will contact the applicant since publications of the SPC (summary of product characteristics) and leaflets on the website of the FAMHP are being considered as “High priority”.

- Requests dating from September until December 2014:
These requests will be gradually assigned to our employees in order to contact the applicant to ask  if the submission is still applicable.

- Requests dating before September 2014:
Submissions where no reminder was received before 30/01/2015 will be considered as irrelevant and will be closed.

Tel: 0032 2 524 8004 (10u-12u en 14u-16u CET)


Last updated on 21/01/2015