To the attention of holders of human medicines: keeping up to date the contact details

To ensure that marketing autorisation holders are kept informed about the progress of their submitted files (obtaining a new licence, as well as variations, notifications and renewals), our IT-system sends out automatic mails. It seems, based on several notifications errors that we received, that certain e-mail addresses are no longer valid. An update of these addresses is necessary.

It concerns the following types of messages: acknowledgement of receipt, after this the payment tracking (ok – not ok), start assessment, round-up and before effect changes. Sending these messages happens as follows:

- Acknowledgement of receipt: the email will be send to the email address indicated in the application form of the concerned file;

- Subsequently after the acknowledgement of receipt: the email will be send to the email address available in our database and this corresponds with the contact details of the applicant.
More information concerning the automatic mails can be found in the document “Automatic mails”.

The email addresses are kept up to date as good as possible by our employees. However, an extensive analysis of received error messages have shown that these addresses aren’t always up to date.

Therefore we would like to recall some guidelines to mind:

- The email address added in our database is based on the address mentioned in the application form. It is therefore recommended to work as much as possible with generic mailboxes. The use of a personal email address may cause more easier problems, since it might no longer be in use. Furthermore, it is asked to act consistently. The repeated use of different addresses makes it harder for our employees to keep the database up to date. In principle, the email address mentioned in the application form should always correspond with the address in our database.

- Automatic mails can be requested from the point of contact of the division Marketing Authorisation (variations and renewals) ( This team is also responsible for monitoring the received error messages. However, keep in mind that if there is no valid address available, the automatic mails can’t be send to the applicant.

- If the company wishes to verify the mentioned email address in our database or if the company wishes to modify it, it is important to notify this as soon as possible. To centralize these requests as much as possible, you may notify it via


Last updated on 05/12/2019