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date: 08/11/2019

How can health authorities such as the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP), in cooperation with the FPS Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment (SPF Public Health), the National Institute for Illness and Invalidity Insurance (RIZIV) and the Federal Knowledge Centre for Health Care (KCE) involve patients more (pro)actively and put them in a more central position throughout the complete development cycle of innovative medications?

Come and find out everything on Tuesday, December 10th at the third symposium of the FAMHP, where patients are central.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019 from 9:20 am to 1:00 pm.


Pacheco Center, Pachecolaan 13, 1000 BRUSSELS. The building is a 15-minute walk from the Brussels North or Brussels Central railway stations and can also easily be accessed via public transport (metro lines 2 and 6). You can park at Q-park Pacheco, Pachecolaan 7, 1000 BRUSSELS.

Practical information

Speakers will address the audience in their mother tongue and simultaneous interpretation (NL/FR) will be provided. Places are limited. Participation is free, but you must register using the web form is required. You will receive a confirmation of your registration. Accreditation will be provided upon request. Report this to the reception of the symposium.

The programme

8:30 am


9:20 am

Welcome address - Greet Musch, Director General of DG PRE licensure of the FAMHP

9:30 am         

Involvement of the patient in the treatment of national requests for scientific-technical advice about clinical trials. Status of  the FAMHP's pilot project - Christophe Lahorte, coordinator of the National Innovation Office unit and Scientific-Technical Advice of the FAMHP

10:00 am      

Future patient involvement in the assessment requests for clinical trials. Presentation of FAMHP’s future pilot project - Pieter Venkeerberghen, department head of the department of Research and Development (human use) of the FAMHP

10:20 am       

The development of the informed consent form: a short update and involvement of the patient - Katelijne Anciaux, College of Clinical Trials (CT-College), FPS Public Health and Anneleen Lintermans, policy staff Flemish Patient Platform

10:40 am       

Coffee break

11:05 am       

Human body materials and biobank legislation in Belgium: what does the patient need to know? - Diane Kleinermans, cabinet staff of the Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, Maggie De Block

11:25 am       

Presentation of the KCE report on the involvement of the patient in the preparation of policy for research in health care and experiences in the evaluation of the publicly financed clinical trials - Irina Cleemput, Senior Expert Economic Analysis at the KCE and France Vrijens, head of the KCE Clinical Trial Programme at the KCE

12:00 pm       

The role of the FAMHP, EMA and RIZIV in the (early) approval and (timely) reimbursement of innovative drugs and treatments:  guideline for the patient - Greet Musch, Director General of DG PRE licensure of the FAMHP and Francis Arickx, Director General of the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Policy of the RIZIV

12:40 pm      

Presentation of the Patient Expert Committee (PEC) initiative in Belgium - Erik Briers, patient-advocate

12:50 pm       

Final Remarks - Greet Musch, Director General of DG PRE licensure of the FAMHP

1:00 pm         

Closing and sandwich lunch

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