Safety information concerning Philips ear thermometers

date: 13/08/2018

The FAMHP would like to relay safety information concerning two types of ear thermometer to consumers and patients. This is a repeat of a safety alert previously issued by the FAMHP that may have escaped the attention of some consumers and patients.


Philips has become aware of inaccurate readings taken with the Philips Ear Thermometer (DL8740) and the AVENT Smart Ear Thermometer (SCH740). These ear thermometers are sold online in Belgium. A measurement taken may show a normal reading even though the patient actually does have a fever, and this false reading could lead to the delayed or improper treatment of an underlying medical condition. The risk of delaying treatment can have serious consequences for newborns, small children and any other patients who are unable to communicate or take care of themselves. Users who wish to return these medical devices are invited to contact a local Philips technical support representative.

You will find more information on how to identify the medical devices concerned and how to return them in the Philips safety notice (FR - NL - DE).


Last updated on 16/08/2018