The FAMHP publishes its 2023 annual report: all our figures, results and main projects

date: 24/06/2024

Although 2023 saw an increase in notifications regarding temporary unavailability of medicines, the agency once again demonstrated its effectiveness in ensuring the most efficient possible management of medicine stocks, as in the case of thrombolytics. The FAMHP also played its part in protecting public health by increasing the number of investigations into illegal medicines and devices by 30 %, and of inspections of pharmacies open to the public by over 40 %.

The annual report highlights our continued commitment to ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of medicines and health products available on the Belgian market. This report provides a detailed picture of the activities, inspections, research and strategic initiatives carried out by the FAMHP to protect and promote public health. From internal changes to international projects, find out about the FAMHP's work in 2023.

Some key figures

  • 3 596 notifications of temporary unavailability of medicines were added to PharmaStatus. 1.14 % of cases of unavailability were categorised as critical.
  • 8 017 notifications of adverse reactions were received concerning medicines for human use.
  • 3 551 postal packages containing non-compliant products from outside the European Economic Area were blocked. This 66 % increase is mainly due to the refinement of risk profiles in collaboration with customs, and an increase in resources and capacity.
  • 1 152 new medicine authorisations in the Medicinal Product Management database were added: 886 for medicines for human use and 266 for veterinary use.
  • 622 clinical trial applications were processed.
  • 1 654 215 medical device implantation and explantation notifications were received in the Central Traceability Register. That's an increase of 300 %.679 investigations into illegal medicines and medical devices were carried out.
  • 1 744 inspections were carried out, including 477 in pharmacies open to the public.
  • 1 713 questions from the public and health professionals concerning the availability of medicines for human use were answered. That is an average of 7 questions a day.
  • 189 parliamentary questions were answered.
  • Over 368 press questions recorded in our dashboard were answered.

Highlighted achievements
Once again, we have let our experts explain what they have achieved. The issue of medicine unavailability is addressed by the unavailability unit, which explains how the FAMHP helped prevent a total stock-out of thrombolytics. "In-depth coordination and cooperation on all aspects of this complex process, as well as effective crisis management, are truly essential to protect public health and save lives."
You can also read accounts highlighting the collaboration between several FAMHP departments with the creation of PharmaInfo, and also collaboration between different bodies, such as in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.
The year 2023 was also marked by our first change of Chief Executive Officer since the creation of the agency. Xavier De Cuyper handed over to Hugues Malonne, who was appointed by the federal government in September 2023.

A message from Hugues Malonne, Chief Executive Officer of the FAMHP
"I would like to thank all FAMHP staff for their conscientiousness and professionalism, and all our external partners for their support and trust. It is thanks to their commitment that we can maintain our essential role in protecting public health."

Further information
Find out about all the achievements and projects in 2023 in the FAMHP's digital annual report. We aim to improve our annual report each year. For this reason, we invite you to have your say on the annual report via an online survey.


Last updated on 24/06/2024