The FAMHP publishes its annual report for 2019

date: 18/05/2021

As is customary and with full transparency, the FAMHP publishes the figures and results for 2019 for all its services and activities. You are receiving this annual report later than you would normally expect from us, as the COVID-19 health crisis has been given priority over the past year. The annual report contains many novelties, rising and falling trends and interesting figures. 2019 was a year of progress, you can read all about it in the FAMHP digital annual report, which is available again in four languages.

Some key figures for 2019
In 2019, the FAMHP services closed more than 8,097 authorization files for medicines, conducted 2,281 inspections and investigations and analyzed 10,364 reports of side effects, incidents and adverse reactions. In 2019, the FAMHP registered an increase in the number of reports of side effects of medicines for human and veterinary use, and in the number of reports of incidents involving medical devices.

Focus on user-friendly applications for patients
2019 was also the year in which we wanted to serve patients as much as possible with new, user-friendly online applications. The FAMHP launched the online application PharmaStatus, providing information on the availability of medicines, and the online form for patients to report adverse reactions to medicines was thoroughly revised.

Working towards progress
A lot of preparatory work was done in 2019. Dossiers such as the Brexit, the joint move to the Galilee building with our colleagues of the FPS Health and the NIHDI, the Redesign project in which we are working together with the same colleagues on synergies and a common service ... It was indispensable work behind the scenes of which we are now seeing the results.

Xavier De Cuyper, CEO of the FAMHP :
Normally, all FAMHP services gather their figures in March and April, in order to present you an annual report by summer. This was not the case in 2020. The fight against COVID-19 received, and still receives, our fullest attention. Almost all FAMHP services have seen their range of tasks expand, resulting in a huge increase in workload. You will therefore receive the 2019 annual report almost one year later than expected, but I insisted on still giving the achievements of that year this attention.

My sincere thanks to all FAMHP staff members and external partners for their investment in the agency’s activities to serve our fellow citizens. Only by working together we have been able to achieve these results, and only together we will be ready for new challenges.

Discover all 2019 achievements in the FAMHP digital annual report.
We also invite you to give your opinion on the annual report via an online survey.

More information
The annual report of the FAMHP for 2019


Last updated on 18/05/2021