The federal government and the federated entities work together to vaccinate at least 8 million Belgians.

date: 16/11/2020

The Inter-ministerial Conference on Public Health andthe Government Commissioner for Corona give more details on the vaccination strategy.

A wide range of measures are needed to control the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 vaccination is undoubtedly very important in this regard.

Belgium therefore participates in the European procurement procedure for COVID-19 vaccines, in which the EU Commission negotiates with companies on behalf of the Member States. Three contracts have already been signed.

The vaccination itself is a complex and unique challenge for many countries, including Belgium. Successful vaccination can only be achieved through proactive and effective cooperation between the federal and the federated entities.

To this extent, the Inter-ministerial Conference (IMC) on Public Health took the following decisions on COVID-19 vaccination during the acute phase of the pandemic:

  • The goal will be for at least 70% of the population to be inoculated.
  • Priority groups will be determined on the basis of scientific advice and a "societal debate".
  • The vaccine will not be mandatory.
  • The vaccine will be free of charge for every citizen.
  • Since the vaccines are supplied in multidose vials to be administered on the same day, citizens will be vaccinated in groups as much as possible.
  • Sciensano and the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products are working together on a monitoring plan.  To this end, the Flemish Vaccinnet network will be used and extended to all federated entities.
  • The entire vaccination program will be co-financed through the federal authority and the federated entities.

To steer the operation in the right direction, a taskforce "operationalisation of the COVID-19 vaccination strategy" will be created within the Government Commission for Corona.  This taskforce will be responsible for determining, assigning and supporting all the actions necessary to achieve the vaccination strategy. Its mission is solely a coordination mission. It will be made up of scientists, representatives of the authorities of federal and federated entities, crisis managers and, where necessary, representatives of professional organisations and technical working groups. It will be headed by Prof. Dr. Dirk Ramaekers.

Within this taskforce, a specific entity "societal debate and communication" will be responsible for rationalising and coordinating scientific and public communication. The entity will be chaired by Professor Yvon Englert.

This news is written jointly on behalf of the Ministers forming the Inter-ministerial Conference on Public Health:

  • Wouter Beke – Flemish Government, IMC chairman
  • Frank Vandenbroucke - Federal Government
  • Christie Morreale - Walloon Government
  • Valérie Glatigny - Government of the French Community
  • Bénédicte Linard - Government of the French Community
  • Alain Maron - Joint Community Commission and French Community Commission
  • Elke Van den Brandt - Joint Community Commission and Flemish Community Commission
  • Antonios Antoniadis - Government of the German-speaking Community

and Pedro Facon, Government Commissioner for Corona.

The Inter-ministerial Conference on Public Health is organised and supported by the DG Healthcare of the FPS HFCSE. 

Last updated on 19/11/2020