Warning against the use of illegal TKTX ointment after applying tattoos

date: 27/09/2022

The FAMHP wants to warn consumers in Belgium not to use TKTX ointment, an illegal pain-relieving cream. It is mainly used to alleviate pain when applying a tattoo, permanent make-up ... TKTX ointment is not licensed in Belgium or Europe and therefore no guarantees can be given with regard to the composition, safety, quality or efficiency of this illegal medicine.

TKTX ointment is not licensed in Belgium and therefore illegal. The product is available in various compositions but is said to contain lidocaine, prilocaine, epinephrine or a combination thereof. Furthermore, similar ointments, although licensed, are only available by medical prescription.  

There are no guarantees whatsoever regarding the safety, quality or efficiency of TKTX ointment. The ointment is sold mainly through foreign webshops or online marketplaces.

The FAMHP recommends that users stop using this ointment, trust their doctor's medical advice and buy medicines only from a pharmacist. 

Last updated on 27/09/2022