Warning concerning non-compliant/illegal products intended for men and sold in tobacco shops

date: 02/07/2024

Following a control in ten tobacco shops in the Mouscron area, the FAMHP is warning against the purchase of non-compliant/illegal products that may present a health risk.

The products concerned are:

  • medicinal products indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction containing the active substance sildenafil;
  • adulterated foodstuffs and more specifically honeys containing the active substance sildenafil not declared by the manufacturer;
  • non-compliant medical devices and more specifically condoms (not CE marked, not approved by a notified body, etc.).

In early May, the FAMHP took part in the inspection of ten tobacco shops in the Mouscron area, in collaboration with the Mouscron police zone, inspectors and controllers from the Public Service of Wallonia (PSW), the National Office for Employment (ONEM), the NISSE (National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed), the FPS Health and municipal officials from the urban planning department in the town of Mouscron.

Of the ten tobacco shops inspected, nine were selling non-compliant/illegal consumer products or did not comply with the rules relating to commercial practices (medicinal products, cosmetics, tobacco and e-cigarettes). 
Around 40 infringements were reported by all the partners. 

Buying medicinal products outside the legal channel means taking risks with your health.

Last updated on 02/07/2024