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The antimicrobials for veterinary use: vigilance

The indiscriminate and excessive use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine presents a risk to public health and animal health because it promotes the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria. To promote a fair and reasonable use of these medicines and educate veterinary professionals to this problem, the famhp collaborates with the University of Gent to monitor the consumption rates of antibiotics in the veterinary sector based on distribution data. The fourth BelVet-Sac report (Belgian Veterinary Surveillance of Antibiotic Consumption) is now available.

Medicines and children: attention, a medicine is not a sweet!

The famhp is launching on 29th April 2013 an awareness campaign, "MEDICINES AND CHILDREN: ATTENTION, A MEDICINE IS NOT A SWEET! " and it offers some tips to help the proper use of medicines in children. On this occasion three brochures to assist the public in determining when and how to give a medicine to a child are being distributed through doctors' and pediatricians’ surgeries, pharmacies and also during ONE and Kind en Gezin consultations. They are also available and downloadable from the website www.mé

1-2 from 2 result(s)