Notification of medicine abuse or misuse

What is medicine abuse or misuse?
Medicine abuse is defined by intentional, episodic or persistent overuse of a medicine with no therapeutic intent whatsoever. It is accompanied by harmful physical or psychological reactions.

Medicine misuse implies that the patient intentionally uses a medicine without following the recommendations in the patient information leaflet, be it for therapeutic purposes or illegal purposes. Illegal purposes involve the intention to cause harm to others. Examples include selling medicines for recreational purposes or using medicines to facilitate an assault or an armed robbery.

Why report medicine abuse or misuse to the FAMHP?
The aim of reporting medicine abuse or misuse is not to punish the person in question but to prevent these cases from recurring. Based on these notifications, the FAMHP can take measures to reduce risks such as spreading information to patients or healthcare professionals or adapting patient information leaflets. Reporting (potential) medicine abuse or misuse is therefore very valuable for public health.

How to report medicine abuse or misuse to the FAMHP?

  • Abuse or misuse without adverse reactions:
    Medicine abuse or misuse without the occurrence of adverse reactions can be addressed via
  • Abuse or misuse with adverse reactions:
    Patients and healthcare professionals can report medicine abuse or misuse with adverse reactions to the FAMHP via or via a paper notice form available on the FAMHP website.

Questions on reports by patients can be sent to

Urgent medical question
Do you have an urgent question on what to do in case of medicine abuse or misuse? Call the Poison Control Center. A doctor will answer your questions 24/7. Calling the Poison Control Centre at + 32 70 245 245 is free in Belgium.


Last updated on 31/01/2020