PPMO and ICT strategy coordinator


PPMO and ICT strategy coordinator


General e-mail address



General phone number

+ 32 2 528 40 00

Key tasks

PPMO Coordination :

  • Monitor all projects in order to inform management and stakeholders of the progress of the various projects.
  • Ensure that the elements that represent a risk or, which may disrupt the planned progress of the project, are addressed and resolved by the appropriate actor in order to best facilitate the achievement of the targeted improvement objectives.
  • Present the link between a project and the agency's strategic axes through the project portfolio vision.
  • Participate actively and as a team in the agency's major projects by coordinating the project and actively participating in its implementation. 

ICT division :

  • Meeting the IT needs of FAMHP staff and partners
  • Providing support to all FAMHP staff in terms of IT services and equipment, in line with the strategic goals of FAMHP
Last updated on 06/11/2018