You can find the presentations that were given at workshops and symposia at the FAMHP here.

Symposium on the new European legislation on veterinary medicines - 19 novembre 2019

- The new European legislation

- General framework - Herlinde Sleurs (project manager - FAMHP)

- Drug surveillance - Els Dewaele (expert in drug surveillance - FAMHP)

- Application procedures and file requirements - Irma van Deurzen (managing director - Dopharma Research)

- Variations and Union Database - Katelijne Smets (Global Regulatory Affairs and Product Development Director - KELA nv)

- SPC Harmonisation - Dries Minne (Head of Medicines for Veterinary Use Division - FAMHP)

- Outlook & Question Round - Dries Minne (Head of Medicines for Veterinary Use Division - FAMHP)

- Regulation from a European perspective - Nancy De Briyne (Deputy Executive Director - Federation of Veterinarians of Europe)

- Regulation of medicated feeds - Quentin Dumont de Chassart (attaché expert in animal feeds - FPS Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Living Environment)

The veterinary drug regulations - General framework - Herlinde Sleurs (project manager - FAMHP)

- The veterinary drug regulations - What changes for the veterinarians? - Dominique Gillard (depot inspector - FAMHP)

- Antibiotic resistance - Bart Hoet  (attaché of the Medicines for Veterinary Use Division - FAMHP)


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