You can find the presentations that were given at workshops and symposia at the FAMHP here.

Information session on CTR for stakeholders op 10 maart 2023

  • Introduction (Hugues Malonnes & Nele Steens) (PDF - video)
  • Overview of numbers in Belgium (and in Europe) for CTR (Hans Vincke) (PDF - video)
  • Regulatory aspects of the implementation of CTR and work in CTIS: updates and clarifications, tips for a smooth validation (Anne Lenaers) (PDF - video)
  • Transformation of the clinical trial landscape at European level: state of play and future initiatives (Greet Musch) (PDF - video)
  • Safety cooperation and work-sharing among Member States (Elena Prokofyeva) (PDF - video)
  • CT-College: missions and achievements (Katelijne Anciaux) (PDF - video)
  • How Belgian medical ethics committees review clinical trials: analysis of recurrent questions in ethics reviews of pilot CTR submissions and lessons learned (Audrey Van Scharen) (PDF - video)
  • First experiences in CTR - perspective of commercial sponsor (Susan Tio) (PDF - video)
  • First experiences in CTR - perspective of CRO (Tom Van Paepegem & Sara Weytjens) (PDF - video)
  • First experiences in CTR – learnings from a case study (Vanessa Parrein) (PDF - video)
  • Q&A session (video)



session on the new European legislation on veterinary medicines on 22 October 2021

session on the new European veterinary medicines legislation on 15 October 2021


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