Proper Use of Medicine Division


Proper Use of Medicine Division

General e-mail address  


General phone number

+32 2 528 40 00

Key tasks

  • Providing information about medicines and health products
  • Setting standards for advertising for ‘’over the counter’’ medicines. The division carries out prior controls on all notifications and visa applications for public advertising of these medicines and all information campaigns on radio or television that refer to these medicines
  • Assessing and approving risk minimization activities (RMAs) which are compulsory for some medicines in order to be granted a MA
  • Applying MA withdrawals in line with the Sunset Clause. This means that if an authorized or registered medicine is not actually traded for a period of three consecutive years, then the MA or registration for that medicine expires in accordance with the Law on medicines of 25 March 1964
Last updated on 09/10/2017