Veterinary depot

A depot of medicinal products, or depot, is a site where all the medicinal products that a veterinarian may have to use for treating animals are.

The veterinarian who has a depot must be supplied by a pharmacist or an authorised wholesaler-distributor.

The depositary veterinarian notifies his depot by registered letter to the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP). You find the document here. A fee is payable for notification; the amount is specified in the FAMHP financing act under VII.4.1 (EUR 29 basic amount with annual indexation).

For any question about the depot, please contact the inspector for your region (see list herebelow).

List of inspectors


DG Inspection - Delivery Division
tel: 02/528.40.00
Fax: 02/528.40.01


Last updated on 18/10/2022