Medicinal product depot for veterinarians

Veterinarians can dispose of a depot of medicinal products intended for the animals they treat. They may not keep a pharmacy open to the public.

Each depot falls under the responsibility of a veterinarian in charge. A veterinarian in charge may not be in charge of another depot, unless authorised by the FAMHP in exceptional circumstances.

The veterinarian must report the holding of a new depot or the change of the administrative address of their depot to the FAMHP via the notification form (available in Dutch end French).

A fee must be paid by the veterinarian for the notification. The amount is mentioned in the FAMHP financing act (available in Dutch and French) under paragraph VII.4.1. The basic fee amounts to 29 euro with annual indexation.

In case of discontinuation of the depot, the veterinarian in charge must contact the regional inspector at least one month before the date of discontinuation.

In case of the death of the supervisor, the heir, the person in charge of the inheritance or one of the depot’s users must contact the regional inspector. This must be done within two months for the veterinarian in charge who works alone or within 15 working days for the veterinarian in charge who doesn’t work alone.

No medicinal product may leave the depot without prior authorisation from the inspector.

Warning: the transfer of medicinal products from one depot to another is prohibited except in the case of discontinuation of the depot or death of the veterinarian in charge.  The transfer of medicinal products must be authorised by the regional inspector.


Last updated on 08/12/2022