Online sale of veterinary medicines

A veterinarian can sell veterinary medicines online. This is only possible from the medicines depot and only for non-prescription veterinary medicines that are authorised in Belgium.

The FAMHP emphasises that online sales by veterinarians are only permitted for animals undergoing treatment and only for the duration of the treatment.


  1. Notification 
    The veterinarian reports the website to the FAMHP within one month after the website has gone online via the reporting form (Dutch version/French version).
  2. European logo
    Each page of the website should display the European logo for online sales of veterinary medicines. Each logo should contain a link to the FAMHP website with the list of registered websites.

Veterinarians who register their website with the FAMHP will receive an e-mail containing a copy of the logo and instructions on how to integrate it into their website.

Legal framework

Last updated on 18/10/2022