Qualified person

The conditions for being approved as a qualified person are described in article 84 of the Royal Decree dated 14th December 2006 (French version) (part 1 - part 2).

If you meet these conditions and wish to receive approval as a qualified person please send the following documents to the email address: industry@fagg-afmps.be

  • A copy of your diploma(s). All diplomas obtained abroad must already be recognised by the appropriate authority
  • A certificate of the training programme signed by the qualified person at the company where you did your training
  • A copy of your identity card
  • form 65  correctly completed

The approval can only be granted when all the conditions mentioned in the Royal Decree dated 14th December 2006 (French version) (part 1 - part 2) are met and when all the required documents are in our possession. The request must contain all the requested documents, apart (1 document = 1 appendix).

Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products
DG Inspection / Division Industry / File Management Entity & Persons Recognition

email: industry@fagg-afmps.be




Last updated on 31/08/2022