All information concerning the applicable fees in 2021 for national STA requests can be retrieved from the document below:

« Detailed guidance for National Scientific-Technical Advice (STA) requests »  (page 17)

Payment must be made on the following bank account nr. of the FAMHP: 679-0021942-20

Contact details of the bank :

Poste financière
Chaussée d'Anvers 59
B-1100, Bruxelles (Belgium)
IBAN : BE28 6790 0219 4220

Applicants should clearly mention on the bank statement the type of STA request that is being submitted to the FAMHP and if the STA request concerns an initial or follow-up STA request; followed by the name of the applicant. The topic of the STA request (eg. product name) should also be clearly mentioned.

For each initial or follow-up STA requests a separate payment should be made.

For payments from abroad the transfer fees should be paid by the payer. Applicants are also requested to include a proof of payment (eg. a bank statement) to the STA request since this is verified during the validation of the STA request.


Last updated on 06/01/2021