Narcotic drugs order forms

In 2020, to order narcotic drugs order forms you must transfer the fee of 17.96 € for 100 order forms.

A payment slip is included with delivered order forms.

The account of FAMHP (Eurostation II, place Victor Horta, 40 bte 40, 1060 Bruxelles) is

IBAN : BE32 6790 0220 2102
BIC/ Swift code: PCHQBEBB

Please indicate the registration number of the pharmacy and the highest order form number that you currently have.

The delivery time for order forms is about 4 weeks.

Any change in the name of the title holder must be advised on the special form at AFMPS; the narcotic drugs order forms of the previous title holder must be used up first, replacing the old holders name with the new one.


32/2/528.43.05 (FR) or 32/2/528.45.02 (NL) or

Last updated on 06/01/2020