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Dissatisfied with our services?

You can file a complaint.



  • Use the specific reporting forms for complaints about an adverse reaction, an adverse event or an incident related to a medicine or health product. 
  • Send a complaint about advertising of medicines and/or health products to the specific contact-point.


Do you have a complaint about our services?

Which types of complaints can be submitted?

How to submit a complaint about our services?

What happens with your complaint?

What should you do if you are not satisfied with our response?


Do you have a complaint about our services?

FAMHP staff members do their utmost to help you by offering high quality services on a daily basis.

Yet, you may not always be fully satisfied.  

If an error has been made, you can always contact the person in charge of your case.

If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you can file a complaint. Our Quality Division will process your complaint and will find a solution or rectify the error.

Your complaint will enable the FAMHP to improve its activity and services and thus prevent similar complaints from being submitted in the future.​

For more information, please consult our leaflet Dissatisfied with our services? Do let us know! (PDF)


Which types of complaints can be submitted?

Any person or organisation in contact with the FAMHP services can submit a complaint. However, your complaint must be related to the powers of the FAMHP.

Your complaint can be related to:

  • the services and products provided by the FAMHP;
  • the quality of these services and products;
  • the processing of an application;
  • the implementation of legislation.


  • Case not processed within the legal deadlines.
  • Illegal sale of medicines.

The following complaints are inadmissible:

  • complaints that do not fall within the powers of the FAMHP;
  • anonymous complaints;
  • unsubstantiated complaints (you must be able to prove the importance of your complaint);
  • complaints relating to facts that date back more than one year; 
  • complaints that are the subject of legal proceedings.

Oral complaints should always be confirmed in writing.

A complaint does not constitute an appeal

If you want to have an administrative decision annulled, you must file an appeal with the Council of State.

How to submit a complaint about our services?

To submit a complaint, you can:

  • fill in the online form below;
  • send your complaint, marked as "Confidential", by post to:

Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products
Hugues Malonne, Chief Executive Officer
Avenue Galilée 5/03

What happens with your complaint?

The complaints procedure ensures that complaints are fully, fairly and impartially investigated. Every complaint is treated confidentially and intended to improve our services in the future.​

You will receive:

  • a confirmation of receipt including a unique registration number;
  • within thirty working days:
    • a substantiated response;
    • a rectification;
    • a solution.

Every year, we evaluate the submitted complaints and establish an action plan in order to improve our activities and services.

What should you do if you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint?

You can contact the Federal Ombudsman. This is an independent service that is not part of the federal administration. It will conduct a free and impartial investigation regarding your complaint.

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Last updated on 28/02/2024