Given the diversity of our agency's areas of competence, the various technical and scientific expertise must be present, and consolidated both internally and externally. This must be done through strictly defined, transparent and secure partnerships. This explains the absolute necessity of cooperative links between competent authorities, whether national, European or even global.

The strengthening and expansion of interaction mechanisms with our partners is one of the major achievements since the creation of the FAMHP.

The FAMHP interacts with many partners: patients, healthcare professionals, university and research centres, the industry, competent authorities and policy makers in the Member States and the EU institutions.

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Given its role in protecting public health, the FAMHP believes it is necessary to maintain a genuine, open and constructive dialogue with all partners, not only within official institutions such as the Consultative Committee, but also via consultation platforms or other structures that provide an ideal framework for such a dialogue.

The FAMHP works with academia, the pharmaceutical and other relevant industries, healthcare professionals and other national, European and global bodies, as well as political leaders, to provide patients and citizens with the medicines and healthcare products they need and to help them make good use of them.


Last updated on 01/12/2023