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The Belgian Centre for Pharmacotherapeutic Information asbl/vzw (BCFI/CBIP) is subsidised and logistically supported by the FAMHP and issues the Commented Repertory of Medicines, the Folia Pharmacotherapeutica and the Transparency worksheets. These publications are sent for free to doctors, pharmacists and dentists.

The aim of CBIP/BCFI is to promote the rational use of medicinal products. For that reason, it is critical that health workers can rely on objective, recent and easily accessible information, prepared with due respect to the principle of evidence-based medicine.
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Amcra asbl/vzw is financed by the FAMHP and provides advices in a neutral and objective manner and works to raise public awareness to reach a rational reduction of antimicrobial use in veterinary medicine in Belgium.
The aim of Amcra is to reach a sustainable policy regarding antibiotics to guarantee public and animal health and animal welfare.
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Last updated on 01/12/2023