Clinical trials database

The FAMHP has created an online database to hold information on all clinical trials in Belgium approved by the agency and that have not yet been completed. This database enables both healthcare professionals and patients to consult the recruitment criteria for clinical trials in Belgium.

The clinical trials database developed by the FAMHP allows healthcare professionals and patients to search for clinical trials using five different criteria:
-   a word from the title of the clinical trial,
-   the disease or condition being studied,
-   the type of participants being sought (healthy volunteer or patient),
-   the age of participants,
-   the number in the European Clinical Trials Database (EudraCT).

Doctors, for example, can use the information from the clinical trials database to provide guidance to patients wishing to participate in a clinical trial in order to help find one that is most appropriate for them.


Last updated on 30/11/2023