Pharmacy for the public

A pharmacy open to the general public can only exist if has been authorised to open or move by the Minister responsible for public health.

It must be managed by a registered pharmacist, who can be assisted or replaced by one or more other pharmacists. They can use assistants to work with them.

It is subject to complex regulations, which in particular cover :

  • the different conditions for keeping and delivering medicines for human or veterinary use;
  • the working of magistral and officinal preparations;
  • keeping registers and relevant documentation
  • narcotic and psychothropic drugs  .

All pharmacists are held responsible for the quality and conformity of the medicines delivered but he (she) must also take the necessary measures, within the limits of his ability, to ensure that the medicines are correctly used : detecting interaction between different medicines taken by the same patient, giving advice about dosages, the possibility of adverse effects, etc.

Controlling that these rules are respected is the responsibility of pharmacist inspectors , who can sanction pharmacists for any infringement.


Last updated on 16/12/2020