Notification phase

Homeopathic medicines have been marketed for many years.
The legislative body has taken steps to control this market taking account the developments at the European level.

In Belgium, as a first step, all homeopathic medicines that were on the market became subject to notification. The notification period ended on 19/01/2003. All medicines that had not been notified were withdrawn from the market. Notification was the preliminary phase of the implementation of registration of homeopathic medicines. It aimed to develop an accurate inventory of homeopathic medicines marketed in Belgium and to plan the work of the Committee on homeopathic medicines.

Ministerial Circular 420 about the notification of homeopathic medicines gave details.

About 18,000 homeopathic medicines have been notified.

Pending publication of a fully updated list, it is possible to check whether a homeopathic medicine has been notified because a notification number should then be placed on the packaging.
The structure of this number contains the letters CH for the complexes and UH for the unit medicines. The number that precedes the UH or CH is the authorisation number of the firm and the number following the UH or CH is the number of the medicine identification. Finally the F + number refers to the dosage form.

In a second step homeopathic medicines will be authorised/ registered on the basis of the evaluation of applications for marketing authorisation (MA) or registration by the Commission for homeopathic medicines for human and veterinary use as set out in the Royal Decree of 14/12/06 on medicines for human and veterinary use.
The first phase of the introduction of registration files of homeopathic medicines explained in Circular 427 (18/06/2003) was completed on 1st February 2004.

Information on the procedures established for the marketing authorisation/ registration of homeopathic medicines.

The list of the notified homeopathic medicines will be updated according to the progress of procedures for MA / registration.

Circular 442 (22/06/2004) for the attention of pharmacists reminded them of the measures applicable to homeopathic medicines.

Last updated on 16/12/2020