Authorised medicines in Belgium

Medicines may only be marketed in Belgium if they are authorised or registered. All authorised medicines are listed in the FAMHP's medicinal products database, which includes medicines for human and veterinary use.

Under the 'More' section of the medicinal products database, you can find useful information on how to use the database, explanations of the patient information leaflet and the summary of product characteristics (SPC), a list of frequently asked questions and a glossary. Please read this information carefully.

Did you know that there is a difference between an authorised medicine and a commercialised medicine?
If the quality, safety and efficacy of a medicine has been demonstrated, it can be authorised in Belgium. Once authorised, a medicine may be sold in Belgium. But not all firms choose to market or commercialise their medicine in Belgium. Therefore it may well be that a medicine has been authorised in Belgium, but be commercialised here.

The database contains all authorised medicines. By doing an ‘advanced’ search in the database, you can indicate that you are only interested in products that are commercialised in Belgium.


Last updated on 11/07/2023