Legislation - Substances

The regulations can be found in the royal decree of 06.09.2017 regulating narcotics and psychotropic substances in application of the law dated 24 February 1921 regarding the trade of hazardous substances, sleeping agents, narcotics, psychotropic substances, disinfectants and antiseptics and of substances that could be used to manufacture illegal narcotics and psychotropics.

Only the annexes and their amendments published in the Official Gazette have official legal value. However, this publication does not provide consolidated versions. If in doubt, please consult the updated versions of annexes I to V, prepared by the Team Narcotics. Please note: this consolidated version has no official legal value and does not bind the administration:
-    Annex I
-    Annex II
-    Annex III
-    Annex IV
-    Annex V

Due to the generic structure classification in annex IVa, it is impossible to reproduce a limitative list of the scheduled substances. You can therefore only consult an indicative, non-limitative list.

The legal provisions regarding the Narcoreg system can be found in the Ministerial Decree of 10.07.2023 regarding the introduction of an electronic system for registering deliveries and receipts of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Last updated on 27/05/2024