Presentations, workshops & events


Upcoming events where the FAMHP will be represented  

•    10 January 2024     Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI)

•    14 March 2024        Drug Information Association (DIA) Symposium
                                     #S0204-L: How to de-risk early development?

•    19 April 2024           Simultaneous National Scientific Advice (SNSA) Training: Webinar for industry, SMEs and academics

•    16 May 2024           Knowledge for growth
                                     The FAMHP is participating as exhibitor at the FlandersBio "Knowledge for Growth" life sciences conference

Presentations, documents and interesting links 

•    Presentation  'FAMHP's activities in innovation & clinical research support at national and European level'
     (Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) visit - 10 January 2024)

•    Presentation  'Clinical trial related multi-national scientific-regulatory advice within the European Medicines Regulatory Network: Quo vadis?'
     (Drug Information Association (DIA) Symposium - 14 March 2024)

•    The recording of the Simultaneous National Scientific Advice training on April 19th 2024


•    Flyer National Innovation Office


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