As of November 1, 2019, the duration of validity of a medical prescription will be a standard three months

date: 31/10/2019

The pharmacist can now only deliver medications up to three months after the prescription date, with the exception of when the prescriber indicates a date of delivery. For reimbursed medications, the reimbursement date is also three months from the date on which the prescriber issued the prescription.

Currently, a pharmacist can deliver a prescribed medication for an unlimited time. If there is a reimbursement, the health insurance reimburses the medication up to the end of the third month following the prescription date. This difference will disappear on November 1, 2019. The deadline by which a pharmacist can deliver to the patient and the deadline within which the medication is reimbursable will be aligned and be easier: three months from the prescription date.

You will find more information in the RIZIV-INAMI news report (available in Dutch or French).

Last updated on 04/11/2019