Brexit: European Commission reminds enterprises to be well prepared

date: 03/10/2019

Brexit is coming very shortly. And it will have great consequences for many Belgian companies.

The European Commission has sent out a call to all parties concerned in the European Union (EU) to prepare for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) on 31 October 2019.

Companies must ensure that they are prepared for a no-deal Brexit which will take place if the UK becomes a third-party country due to a lack of a ratified withdrawal agreement.

Even if a withdrawal agreement is ratified, companies must take into consideration that after the transition period (after 31 December 2020), the EU rules for the internal market and the customs union of the EU will no longer apply to the United Kingdom.

In order to help companies identify the necessary actions to complete their preparations, the European Commission has made a Brexit preparedness checklist for companies active in the EU. This checklist further builds on the notices previously published by the European Commission in various domains.

The FPS Economy has put a Brexit impact scan at the disposal of Belgian companies. By posing a number of questions, this scan will determine the general impact of Brexit on your company. It will also tell you how to best prepare your company for Brexit.

Have you have got any specific questions for the FAMHP regarding Brexit preparations? Contact the competent service at the FAMHP as soon as possible or have a look at the information on the impact of Brexit on health care providers, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical devices industry.

Last updated on 03/10/2019